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This is a beautiful summer, don't you think?

This is a beautiful summer, don't you think?
By Adolfo Ramírez Corona • Issue #3 • View online
Hi! How are you? I hope everything is good for you.
There are a lot of things to catch up on here.
  • Articles about graph databases, writing, thinking, emotions…
  • Videos explaining concepts, giving tips, in a new Youtube channel.
  • 4th cohort of the Antifragile Writing course (reloaded).
  • And more…
Come and check, you may like it.

On cheating, da Vinci, cognitive load, sadness...
Several articles since the last newsletter. Here are some of them. for more, you can always check here.
If you prefer videos...
Concepts explained, tutorials, tips & tricks… I’m going to put some visuals on Youtube. There are four videos now and more are coming. These are two of them (yes, I have a different look on each), but don’t forget to check the others and subscribe to the channel.
Introduction to Antifragile Writing: creativity and thinking under uncertainty
Introduction to Antifragile Writing: creativity and thinking under uncertainty
Antifragile Writing: Focus-changers in Roam Research
Antifragile Writing: Focus-changers in Roam Research
Yes, we’ll start the 4th cohort for Antifragile Writing course next week. This time we try to consider other PKMs apps like Obsidian, logseq, Athens, or RemNote, even when the course is on a multiplayer Roam database. There are spots available and special discounts. If you need one, email me.
Come on, get in, invite someone, or please, help me to promote it!
Antifragile Writing
A quote to consider...
Wind extinguishes a candle and energizes fire. Likewise with randomness, uncertainty, chaos: you want to use them, not hide from them. You want to be the fire and wish for the wind.—Nassim Nicholas Taleb
A collection on writing and PKMs
Antifragile Writing and Tools for Thought (PKMs)
A thread from Twitter
The Challenge of Sharing your Dreams

Writing down or sharing your dreams is one of the best writing and communication exercises you can practice.

And better, it’s a good antidote for alienation.
Thanks for reading and sharing!
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Adolfo Ramírez Corona

A fragile writing gets broken with stressors. The resilient resists and stays the same. The antifragile writing goes beyond: it grows and gets better with stressors.

Let stress our writing and thinking to make them grow and get better. We make sense of chaos afterwards.

On writing, thinking, living, media, tech, tools for thought, PKMs, and more.

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